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Postul din 30 august 2011

În zile ca astea #Constanţa îşi spală toate păcatele de peste an! :D Valuri bune, butoi, lungi … chiar ‘La Butoaie’ în faţă. Miam-miam-miam. Regulate, cam 1.25 m, luat câteva, dat în stambă puţin :) Mândre zgârieturi şi un ear-plug pierdut, să fie primit. Ah… ce bine e: să încerci să programezi câte ceva toată ziua şi spre după-amiază mai târziu ţup! la nişte valuri bine-venite. “Fericit ca o jivină săracă”, ce sunt! :)
A început sezonul? Amin!


PS: şi acu’ pe seară să băgăm o Vamă zic :D

Complexul lui Peter Pan

The Peter Pan Complex:

  • avoids responsibilities
  • people tell them they are childish and need to grow up people feeds them and takes care of them all the time
  • would rather live in their head than the real world
  • wants success to just happen to them
  • focuses on fantasies more than reality
  • believes they deserve to have whatever they want

  • life lacks direction from an outside point of view
  • never know what to do next
  • does dumb physical things frequently
  • inconsistent performance
  • lazy
  • slacker
  • does the minimum to get by
  • does things without thinking
  • does not feel they have any reason to accomplish anything
  • tend to ignore or put off problems
  • believes fun is the most important thing in life
  • most people think they are crazy
  • forgets scheduled appointments
  • more past than future
  • gets attention through negative behavior